Accelerate your guitar learning

Do you play: Rock - Blues - Fingerstyle - Country - Jazz - Folk or Classical guitar? Have you been playing a while? Years? Are you stuck in a rut?

Do you want to dramatically improve your guitar playing? Here's how:

1. Get the right information

The basic building blocks of a musical vocabulary are explained and demonstrated in my book "Guitar Playing and how it Works".

Guitar Playing and how it Works

2. Get some repertoire

Add guitar tunes to your repertoire and learn how to adapt them to any situation. This is how the pros do it. Repertoire is everything! With 30+ years of performing Rock, Jazz and Classical music I have an enormous guitar repertore and I will show you how to get yours together.

Irish Washerwoman by Peter Inglis Silver Spear by Peter Inglis Drowsy Maggie by Peter Inglis

The repertoire in my books has been specially selected to get you playing more musically and to give you the keys to learning music more quickly.

3. Get coached in the accelerated learning methods used by pros

Finally, unless you are already a certified musical genius, you will need intensive coaching to make these methods your own.

The good news is that as you gain these skills, more and more doors will open for you in musical expression, repertoire and performance ability.

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My guitar videos at YouTube - Watch videos of my guitar performances and videos explaining concepts from my books.

Features of my system:

  • A unique method used by Grammy Award winning guitarists
  • Wholistic Methods
  • Applicable to all styles of guitar music - Classical, Jazz, Rock
  • Works equally well on Acoustic and Electric

Peter Inglis
Principal, Inglis Academy