Kimberley Series

I travel to the Kimberleys in far North West Australia at least once a year.

My experiences in Eagle Patrol at 1st Pendle Hill Boy Scouts stand me in good stead as I strap on my Bowie knife (or a Swiss army Knife) and go in search of wild artistic beauty.

Detail from one of my Ord River paintings. To see this particular scene I had to paddle 25 km down a crocodile infested river!

Over time I am developing a series of paintings depicting some of the beauty I see in the area. Here are a few samples of the work so far. Some of these are very sketchy, as I try different compositions, colours, textures and approaches.

In some of the paintings I use a paint I made from the actual ochre rock. Making the paint is a painstaking process, I can assure you!

Making paint from actual ochre rock.
Grinding the Kimberley ochre in my studio.