FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How do I book? Beginners start here
  2. How do I book myself in? Only students who have been accepted into the Gallery Quality Painting stream can schedule themselves.
  3. Full Terms & Conditions
  4. When are the sessions? | Beginners can choose from: Van Gogh: Starry Night
    Monet: Japanese Bridge No.2, 1899
    subject to availability.
  5. Can I use my voucher after the expiry date?
  6. I want to paint just Starry Night (or Monet... or...)
  7. What paintings can I do?
  8. Why do people attend your courses?
  9. What is the syllabus structure?
  10. What materials are required?
  11. Where can I buy your curriculum books?
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  14. How do I get there?
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How do I book myself in?

Not registered?

If you have not yet created an account...

  • Click the "Change/Cancel Appointment" button within your confirmation email
  • On the confirmation page you will see a "Register for an Account" button


  • Click on ART COACHING http://www.inglisacademy.com/index.php/learn-to-paint
  • Pick your session
  • Click on the green SIGN UP button
  • Click Register after booking an appointment.
  • Registered already?

    • Click on Art Coaching http://www.inglisacademy.com/index.php/learn-to-paint
    • Click on: Returning? Log In
    • Please manage your own bookings if possible. This enables me to keep the prices down.
    • Note that you can only cancel up to 7 days before the session. You can book yourself in up to the last minute, subject to availability.

    Can I use my voucher after the expiry date?


    This type of discount offer is time-sensitive. It is the reponsibility of the purchaser to redeem the offer before the expiry date.

    Refer to the Terms and conditions, 2019.

    When are the sessions?

    The sessions run 12-4 Saturday and Sunday, and some Wednesdays.
    All sessions by date.