The flow in painting

A very nice thing happened in the studio recently.

I was painting a still life, when a woman walked in and said:

" I just wanted to say thank you, thank you very much! I've been sitting in my car for the past 10 minutes watching you paint, and I feel so relaxed! Thank you! "

3 Roses

I do hope she comes back and learns to paint, then she can get that feeling every time she picks up a brush!

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75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking

My first exposure to Art and Literature was via comic books, whose unique combination of words and pictures makes it another thing altogether, but that's another story.

Paul Levitz started working for DC comics as a teenager, and eventually became editor, responsible for the monthly output of some of the world's most popular characters, and for maintaining that most complex of eco-systems: DC's "continuity".

What? You've never heard of DC comics? Well you most surely have heard of Superman and Batman?

You could be forgiven for not knowing these guys, although they happen to be among my own personal favourites.

  • Green Arrow (or "Arrow, as he is known in the current TV series) - an incredibly skilled crime-fighting archer
  • Green Lantern - nothing in common with Green Arrow, although they hang out a lot. Former test pilot who gets powers from an alien ring. He is now an intergalactic cop, in charge of sector 357, which includes Earth.
  • Wonder Woman - Amazon warrior, flies an invisible plane, has a magic lasso which makes people tell the truth.
  • Flash - the fastest man alive.
  • Atom - the smallest man alive.

This massive tome (seriously, it weighs 18lbs or 9kg) is an authoritative look at this world from somebody who has lived and breathed it all his adult life.

75 Years Of DC Comics: The Art Of Modern Mythmaking

" In 1935, DC Comics founder Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson published New Fun No. 1, the first comic book with all-new, original material—at a time when comic books were mere repositories for the castoffs of the newspaper strips. What was initially considered to be disposable media for children was well on its way to becoming the mythology of our time.

More than 40,000 comic books later, in honor of the publisher’s 75th anniversary, TASCHEN has produced the single most comprehensive book on DC Comics, in an XL edition even Superman might have trouble lifting."
- (from the product description).

Campbelltown Arts Centre - Fishers Ghost Art Award

In November 2013 I spent a pleasant Sunday visiting South West Sydney's Campbelltown Arts Centre. It is only a few minutes from the Hume Motorway which leads South out of Sydney, to Canberra. The annual Fishers Ghost Art Award had 300 works on display from the 600+ entries.

The Arts Centre is housed in an airy, modern building.

Next to the cafe is a Zen garden.

This is a lovely gallery to visit, very relaxed and no crowds, unlike the Sydney galleries. Also, unlike some other state owned galleries, it is open on Sunday!

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Peter Inglis: Artist | Musician | Educator | Author


Peter Inglis has been working performing, writing and teaching in the arts for 40 years.

Inglis Academy. - Image © Peter Inglis, 2020
Engage in the world of fine art at Inglis Academy.

Peter has created a an art system which unlocks people's creativity by painting the Masterworks of Western Art.

Art Coaching

In one of Peter's coaching sessions students complete a Van Gogh, Monet or Cezanne!

Students at Inglis Academy with their 4 hour Monet. - Image © Peter Inglis, 2020
Students at Inglis Academy with their 4 hour Monet.


The syllabus gives them access to over 100 masterwork paintings, including works by Cezanne, Gauguin, Manet, Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, as well as courses in the Chevreul Colour Method, Drawing, Floral, Landscape, Portraiture, Pop Art, Photo-Realism, Still Life and Seascapes.

No previous painting experience is necessary.

He says: " Whether you are a total beginner, an art student or already a practicing professional, seize the day and lift your game! No experience necessary! My innovative approach to the Western traditions will give your creative expression a huge boost."

Peter Inglis' art coaching takes place within the context of western Culture. - Image © Peter Inglis, 2020
20 minutes into a Renoir.

" How do we do it? By using Peter's unique process oriented system based on a deep practical knowledge of the methods used by Monet, Cezanne, Van Gogh and other masters of Western art."

Vermeer: Girl with a Pearl Earring, 1665
I create teaching aids specific to each session.
Tone | Original image | Colour analysis and matching reference.

Peter Inglis' art coaching takes place within the context of western Culture. - Image © Peter Inglis, 2020
Peter Inglis' art coaching references many aspects of western Culture.

The skills developed by painting in this process driven way are the same as those required for creative problem solving in many situations. Most of his students are busy professionals who love art as a hobby, and find that as their art skills develop, so does their ability to think creatively.

Peter's 90 second Monet. - Image © Peter Inglis, 2020
90 seconds into a Monet.

Artist & Performance Artist

Peter's connections to the Australian landscape extend back to his great-great-great grandmother, who arrived here on the First Fleet in 1788. His mother grew up in rural Australia and Peter himself attended James Ruse Agricultural High School where he learned how to farm and shear sheep!

Peter finds that interpreting the Australian landscape through the lens of French Impressionism gives him a direct and authentic experience.

One of his favourite artists is Claude Monet, whom he refers to as "the Bach of Art" due to Monet's large artistic vocabulary and extensive body of work.

Peter has gone to the trouble of sourcing original pigments and making his own paint.
He has gone to the trouble of sourcing original pigments and making his own paint.

Peter painting in the Kimberleys, Western Australia.
Peter painting the Pentecost River Crossing in the Kimberleys, Western Australia.


Peter wrote his first book at age 13: "A Lab Manual for Inorganic Chemistry".

He currently has 28 titles in print which cover the fields of painting, drawing and musical performance.

Art ebooks | Music ebooks

He is the creator and curator of MiGMan's Flight Sim Museum, where he has written thousands of articles on the history of Flight Simulation.

Peter has written feature articles and reviews in the gaming press, promoted flight simulation on mainstream media, written submissions to Senate inquiries on Defence issues and conducted a Masterclass on ABC TV. More here: MiGMan in the Press.

Peter painting in his studio.
Peter Inglis painting in his studio (image from the Daily Telegraph).


Peter has performed music professionally for nearly four decades, covering nearly every style and genre. He has performed concerts from the Sydney Opera House to the Australian outback.

One of his main passions is presenting 400 years of musical history in solo guitar concerts.

Peter is well known for his interpretations of masterworks by Van Gogh, Monet and Gauguin. He enjoys painting Sydney landscapes and also takes portrait commissions.

My Gerard Gilet classical guitar

June 15th, 2011 - This week I visited Gerard Gilet's Sydney workshop to order a Gilet Concert Classical. Gestation period is about 8-12 weeks! Happy Days!

I have wanted to own and play one of Gerard Gilet's Concert Classical guitars for many years. My venerable K. Yairi's, a YC-90 and a YC-100, have served me well, but now is the time for them to enjoy their retirement, while I step up to a real thoroughbred!