Terms and conditions, 2019

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  1. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  2. Enquire via email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. We do not provide telephone support. Email provides an audit trail.

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  1. Fees are non-refundable.
  2. Check the schedule here: All sessions by date before purchase.
  3. Late arrival (after 11:45) for your first session will forfeit the fee.
  4. Missed lessons will forfeit the fee.
  5. Rescheduling and cancellations less than 7 days before the appointment will forfeit the fee.
  6. Extra conditions apply to coupons from third parties.
  7. The lessons offer very good value at around $40.00 per hour for near-private coaching in a boutique environment.
  8. Our Coaching Packages offer substantial discounts in exchange for a specific expiry date (Gold, Silver) and even more discount more for a contiguous commitment to the coaching (Bronze).

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Think before you buy

  1. It is the reponsibility of the buyer to "think about what you want the service to do" (ref: Fair Trading N.S.W.)
  2. If you intend to learn only one painting then you are likely at the wrong academy. The mission here is Art Literacy. Read on: Which painting should I do?
  3. If you do intend to paint one painting from the Gallery Quality Painting stream then you should purchase a single session here: Coaching Packages.
  4. "Read the fine print by checking the terms and conditions of sales on the website carefully, including expiry dates on vouchers." (ref: Australian Competition & Consumer Commission)

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Check availability

  1. The sessions are at Inglis Academy are in high demand.
  2. A good strategy would be to book your sessions very soon after purchase. Don't wait until your package is expiring before attempting to make a booking.
  3. A typical tuition package offered at Inglis Academy will allow the purchase to attend 4 coaching sessions over a period of 120 days. During that time 32 sessions will typically be offered with 5 spots available per session. Some of these sessions are an introduction to the Inglis Art Method, and some ongoing students have found it beneficial to attend those classes again.

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Shop Around

  1. Shop around and compare quality and price (ref: Fair Trading N.S.W.)
  2. Before you commit to qualifications or courses shop around to find the course best suited to you. Compare prices, fees, content and length of the courses. (ref: Fair Trading N.S.W.)
  3. To assist you in that process I have created a table showing:
    • Questions to ask when evaluating an art course
    • Contact details for some local art schools
    • Some illustrative data points. These were compiled in 2017. Of course you should obtain current information
    • Access that table here: Shop around (Painting course comparisons)

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Discount offers | Gift Cards

From time to time Inglis Academy offer discount vouchers via external websites in order that prospective students can sample the Inglis Art Method.

These coupons may be available from providers such as Groupon, Cudo, Living Social, Lux, Scoopon.

  1. Discounted offers are time-sensitive and only valid for the time stated on the offer.
  2. Extensions to the expiry date will not be given.
  3. Only one use of this type of offer per student or purchaser.
  4. To clarify the previous point: An individual only has one opportunity to use an external discount offer. Subsequent to that, subject to availability, an individual may purchase an audition spot here: Coaching Packages
  5. External coupon users cannot reschedule, so choose your session date with care.
  6. Anybody found purchasing or using external coupons a second time will be refused entry, forfeit the fee and receive a lifetime ban from coaching at Inglis Academy.
  1. For further information refer to "Fair Trading Act 1987" | Fair Trading N.S.W. viz.

    " In NSW, most gift cards and vouchers must be sold with a minimum expiry period of 3 years to a consumer in NSW.

    Included and excluded cards

    These specific gift cards or vouchers are excluded from complying with the laws:
    1. A gift card or voucher sold for a particular good or service that is below the market value of the good or service (a genuine discount).
    2. A gift card or voucher for a good or service available for a limited time where the card or voucher expires at the end of that period.

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    • 11:45: Orientation.

      You will not be admitted to the session if you arrive after 11:45.

      No exceptions. Please do not ask to join the session after 11:45 as refusal often offends.

    • Arrive any time between 11:30 and 11:45.
    • Check the location: 67 Christie St. St Leonards as Christie St runs to both sides of the Pacific Highway.
    • Allow for weekend traffic. It is often busier than weekday peak hour.
    • Some clients park the car, have a nice breakfast at St Leonards station or the Wooden Whisk in Albany St and then walk back here.
    • 3:45-4:00: Debrief. Ask partners or friends to wait in reception downstairs.

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    1. This building is NOT wheelchair accessible. There are no lifts or ramps.
    2. The session is quite arduous and therefore unsuitable for people with chronic medical conditions
    3. The logistics of this teaching method and the size of the room make it impossible to accommodate any medical equipment or walkers.

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    • English language comprehension to a tertiary level is required.

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    1. Management reserves the right to refuse admission, or
    2. Wear shoes. This is a work environment.
    3. terminate training for an individual at any time.
    4. No alcohol.

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    1. Inglis Academy does not offer coaching to people 18 or under. This means > > no children. < < Do not bring children to the session.
    2. No food in the session.
    3. Complimentary tea, coffee and filtered water is provided.
    4. Turn your phone to silent mode during the session.