Peter Inglis playing solo guitar at Lola Cocino, Crows Nest

I am performing on Thursdays from 17th November 2016 at the Spanish Restaurant Lola Cocino, at 17 Alexander St, Crows Nest.

The easiest parking is in the Woolies carpark on the corner of Alexander Street and Burlington st, Entrance in Burlington.

I will be playing 400 years of guitar music, covering styles from Baroque to Rock, and composers from Vivaldi to Jobim.

Peter Inglis on solo guitar

Book a table here: Lola Cocina website or call 8068 7829.

Lola Cocina on Facebook.

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A personal journey in music

"I was first attracted to the guitar like most people by the sounds of contemporary folk music, that is to say, rock music. Guitar bands of the 1970's made the guitar a force equal to an orchestra and players such as Eric Clapton developed styles which equalled the expressiveness of the best of violin music.

Eric Clapton in the early 1970's (painted by Peter Inglis)
Eric Clapton in the early 1970's (painted by Peter Inglis)

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Night and Day: Jazz Trio Live

Live performance by Fingerstyle Jazz guitarist Peter Inglis, with Double Bassist John Mackie and Tenor Saxophonist Marty Mooney. Recorded May 2009 in Sydney, Australia.

This track is featured on "Late Night Lovers", a jazz suite for solo guitar by Peter Inglis.