Bach's Guitar: Master Chords and unlock your Right Hand

Bach's Guitar: Master Chords and unlock your Right Hand (The Whole Guitarist: Let's play Music!, Book 2)

Do you want to know how to play any chord? When you understand and master the steps in this book you will have unlocked the ability to play any chord on the guitar using the powerful techniques of Simple Presentation and Mixed Presentation.

Fingerstyle players will learn how to use all the fingers on the right hand. Songwriters will see how Bach constructs a rhapsodic melody from the simplest of ideas.

The book explains all this and more by using one of the most famous pieces of classical music: Bach's Prelude in C from the Well Tempered Clavier. Keyboard players all around the world learn this piece, and it sounds great on the guitar too!

Other benefits:

  1. Use the principles in this book as a template for learning any piece of music and get 600% more out of your memory!
  2. See how Bach uses cadences, Tonic, Sub-dominant and Dominant chords, Augmented 6th chords and Diminished 7th chords.
  3. Acquire a great solo guitar piece
  4. Use this piece as accompaniment to Guonod's "Ave Maria", which is among the top 10 tunes played at weddings.

You can use this book alone or as a companion volume to ""Guitar Playing and how it Works".

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This is the second book in my series: "The Whole Guitarist: Let's play Music!".