Tune your Guitar like a Pro!

'Tune your Guitar like a Pro!' is a free ebook.

There is a huge difference between the way an amateur and a professional tunes their instrument. This book will show you the simple and quick way professionals tune up.

The book is very short, the instructions only run to about 2 pages and there are a few more pages explaining why it is so important to be able to tune quickly, accurately and quietly.

Tune your Guitar like a Pro! - a free ebook.

Who is the book for?

  1. Acoustic and electric players
  2. All styles of player, from country to classical, from baroque to rock.
  3. Amateur guitarists who want to play better and perform.
  4. Teachers who want focussed resources for their students.
  5. Professional guitarists who want to clarify and develop their skill sets.

Get the book for free from:
Smashwords - in pdf, epub and mobi(kindle) format.
Smashwords - in pdf, epub and mobi(kindle) format.
Angus & Robertson Bookworld in Australia - they seem to have removed all of my books. Not supporting Australian authors I guess.
Apple | iTunes
Barnes & Noble
Feltrinelli in Italy
FNAC (France & Portugal)
Indigo in Canada
Livraria Cultura (Brazil). The product page is there, but it says "book unavailable". Possibly only available in certain regions.
Almost free: Amazon Kindle - not free. 99c is the lowest price I can list the book at Amazon.