Key concepts

  • Anybody can play music.
  • There are hierarchies of skills required.
  • Performance is a wholistic activity.
  • Not all fingerings work well in performance.
  • Independence of the fingers is required.
  • Loops are the most efficient way to develop technique
  • Calibration is essential to reliable performance.
  • Intentional control of mental states.
  • A wholistic approach brings everything together in performance.
  • A reductionist approach helps isolate areas for improvement.
  • Coordination is essential for technique.
  • Rhythm in music arises from bodily movement.
  • Balance Timbre and Volume to project.
  • Articulation adds clarity.
  • Left Hand - Expansion and embrace contains the strings.
  • Scales on one string develop melody playing.
  • Practice musical combinations based on repertoire.

This is a very brief summary of key concepts in 'Guitar Playing and how it Works'. Refer to the Table of Contents for a detailed breakdown by category.