Stress in Piano Playing by Richard Beauchamp

Here are some great observations on how to practice from Richard Beauchamp at

What, and how much, do pianists practise?

"... a musician should be regarded as an athlete, but with an added responsibility for the artistic and intellectual dimension that music requires."

"Time has to be spent on note learning..."

"There is also the need to keep a repertoire going..."

"Simultaneously, and perhaps above and beyond all these kinds of practice is the constant refining of sound..."

"Above and beyond all this is the study of style..."

"Through all this preparatory work, the pianist is striving to find the emotional or ‘spiritual’ meaning of the work, the subtleties and balance of the structure, and to find ways of communicating all this to the audience as though it is a fresh inspiration of the moment."

Other topics discussed in the article:

  • How much practice?
  • Some causes of stress
  • Prevention of injury
  • Sitting and posture
  • Practice technique
  • Building stamina
  • Playing technique
  • Minimising stress
  • Post injury programme
  • Categories of technique