Carlevaro: Cuaderno No.3: Technique for the Left Hand

Displacement of the hand on the fingerboard.

The main foci of the exercises in this book is to develop the ability to shift accurately up and down the string. In my opinion it is much better use of your time to use scales and melodies for this once the initial stages of these exercises are mastered.

Elimination of squeaks.

    This is achieved by becoming aware of the stages involved in releasing a note cleanly:

  • Relax the hand
  • Allow the finger to leave the string perpendicular to the string - the squeak is caused by letting the string slide against the finger
  • Moving to the new position and playing the next note.

MY NOTE: While elimination of squeaks is a desirable thing and should be practised until learned, be aware that this style of finger lifting between notes can be deadly to the performance of a cantabile (singing) melody line. It's main application is in chord playing - developing a clean release, attaining a neutral, relaxed hand and then moving to a different configuration.

So, as always, you need to cultivate a range of techniques to cover various musical needs.

Note: The concepts illustrated in these books are fully explained in Carlevaro's School of the Guitar.