Modern Method for Guitar Vol.1

A Modern Method for Guitar by William G. Leavitt. Volume 1

Head of the Berklee Guitar department at Berklee College in Boston, Leavitt published this book in 1966 based on materials he used to concisely present the actual scale and arpeggio fingerings used by jazz players.

The series is oriented to single note melody playing and strummed chord accompaniment, but includes many examples of fine sounding solo guitar. However fingerstyle (including classical) players will find that this is the best scale resource currently available.

Leavitt obviously has a thorough practical knowledge of many styles of music - this reflected, to name one example, in the quality of the chord voicings.

He covers the keys C to E and C to E flat, in Major and Melodic Minor. Chords of the Major, Minor and Dominant Seventh are covered.

He has included simple original duets which are quite suitable for the beginner. Learn to play a melody in the given scale and position and accompany the melody in various styles.

Books 1 and 2 contain quite a lot of duet material, there is somewhat less in Volume 3 due to the quantity of scale, arpeggio and chord voicing material presented.

He also introduces the important concept of a "position" based on the 4 fret span, with "extensions" of the 1st and 4th finger where necessary to reach notes.