Modern Method for Guitar Vol. 1, 2 & 3

These classic books have been republished in one 432 page volume, and with Amazon's 34% discount on retail that brings the price down to what one volume alone cost previously. I recommend buying the volume and getting it rebound with ring binders at your local printer as 3 volumes, or possibly more, so you get more of a sense of progress as you work through them,.

I suggest that not only for practical reasons, but also psychological.... I used to tip-toe quietly around Volume 3 in the hope it wouldn't notice me leaving the practice room, the 3 volume edition would have reduced me to tears! I would certainly have never finished the project of learning the material!

Being a wise man, Leavitt made the first volume the slimmest, then the 2nd volume, and so on to the 3rd volume which contains an incredible amount of material.