Bass: How music works no.4

Another fabulous doco. This material is not only invaluable for students, but is presented in such a way it should catch their attention.

This segment includes

  • Richard Strauss' "Also Sprake Zarathustra"
  • Charles Mingus' "Haitian Fight Song
  • Elvis Costello's "I don't want to go to Chelsea"
  • Saint Saens "The Elephant"
  • Seven Nation Army "White Stripes"
  • John Williams "Theme from Jaws"
  • Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side"
  • The Supremes "Baby Love".Looks at the importance of tonality in the development of bass.
  • Technology - the organ was the first instrument to provide a deep bass.
  • Concludes with the dazzling organ footwork of Enrico Rossi's "Etude Symphonique".

This video is a fantastic introduction to this subject by British composer Howard Goodall.