Kesh Jig

Kesh is one of the most popular Irish Folk tunes. - Played by the Bothy Band

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Kesh is a lovely Irish folk tune which works well at slow and fast tempos. The piece is suitable for Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, Plectrum and Fingerstyle guitar so accelerate your guitar playing with this famous folk tune. Learn to make the guitar 'speak' and how to work fast and in depth at the same time, like the pros.

If you go to any Irish Pub around the world in the evening there is likely to be a 'session' (jam session) in progress and you are also likely to hear this tune during the evening. It is also a popular tune at Bush Dances.

Check out my versions and the instructional videos relating to this book on the Peter Inglis Guitar channel at YouTube. You will also find links there to some of the best versions I have found.