Classical Fake Book

Hal Leonard Classical Fake Book
Hal Leonard Classical Fake Book

Why use this book?

  • Add simple versions of well known classic melodies to your repertoire
  • Analyse the essential melodies from the masterworks of western music
  • Develop the ability to find melodies on the guitar.
  • Play strong melodies on one string.
  • Develop tone production
  • Develop phrasing
  • Strengthen the connections between imagination and execution.

How to use the book


  • Look through your copy of CLASSICAL FAKE BOOKS and pick some tunes that you like and are familiar with.
  • Take one melody to start with.
  • Try find the notes on one string where possible - letting your 'ear' guide you up and down to the correct pitches.
  • Listen to the original version again. What instruments are playing the melody?
  • The orchestration might alter during the tune, just identify the general sweep of tone colours
  • Now play the melody again and try and coax similar colours out of the guitar.
  • When you can play every phrase musically have a go at playing the chords along with the recording


Play the music in ensemble. For example with another guitar, or any treble instrument such as flute or violin.


Arrange and play the selections as solo guitar pieces.

This approach is a time-efficient way to get a taste of the repertoire and styles, and learn how to make music quickly.