Concentration and calibration

Ideally you will be "lost" in the performance, however the world is not "ideal" and most performers find themselves transitioning betwen two distinctly different types of consciousness during a performance. One state is a relaxed and flowing type of consciousness and the other is a more "busy" state of mind which is not so conducive to flow.

Researchers have found that the two states of mind are connected with the 2 lobes - left and right - of our brain. The physiology is not as important to the performer as the knowledge that you have control over these states. You can produce them at will, just in the same way you learn your technique on the instrument.

Once you have done something successfully once - you know you can do it again and again. This is what practice is about, experiencing a good movement and then reinforcing it by conscious repetition. The flowing state of mind will never be attained by "hard work". Take your time and gently re-direct your attention to the task at hand. This is the way to work on music in general. It is a quite different thing to sustain this kind of flow in action, than to sit and practice static "meditation".