This book can help you play better

Bruce Irving, the Flying Singer (Singer & songwriter)

My friend Peter Inglis is a talented guy. We "met" online about 10 years ago when I discovered MiGMan's Flight Simulation Museum. I was really into flight sims at the time, and his online flight sim museum was (and still is) an amazing labor of love.

A bit later I learned that Pete was also an incredible classical and jazz guitarist. So we also had music in common (although I've never played a place quite as nice as the Sydney Opera House), and it was great when we could finally meet in person in 2006 when my wife and I took a vacation in Australia. Pete showed us around Sydney, and we attended one of his gigs. It was cool. Dude can play!

Pete is also a guitar teacher and the author of a wonderful book, Guitar Playing and How It Works. He's got an updated electronic edition that you can buy and download from his newly redesigned Whole Guitarist web site. His systematic and "wholistic" approach emphasizes the role of your whole body in developing proper technique.

Key points:

  • Anybody can play music
  • There are hierarchies of skill required
  • Performance is a wholistic activity
  • Not all fingerings work well in performance
  • Independence of the fingers is required
  • Loops are the most efficient way to develop technique
  • Calibration is essential to reliable performance
  • Intentional control of mental states
  • A wholistic approach brings everything together in performance
  • A reductionist approach helps isolate areas for improvement
  • Coordination essential for technique
  • Rhythm in music arises from bodily movement
  • Balance timbre and volume to project
  • Articulation adds clarity
  • Left hand - expansion and embrace contains the strings
  • Scales on one string develop melody playing
  • Practice musical combinations based on repertoire

You don't have to aspire to be a classical or jazz guitarist to benefit from this book - acoustic and even rock players will learn useful techniques too.

Whether you're a beginner or have been playing for years, this book can help you play better.

I think it's a great bargain too!

Peter also has a YouTube channel where you can see and hear examples of his solo and ensemble playing.

Guitar Playing and how it Works by Peter Inglis
Guitar Playing and how it Works