A wholistic approach for the beginning student

"I just finished reviewing the second edition of Peter's book and I must say that he's done a very nice job in trying to communicate a wholistic approach for the beginning student which incorporates proper use of the body and movement.

Reja Ganjavi - performing and recording artist.

Needless to say this holistic aporoach -- the book is appropriately sub-titled: "The Whole Guitarist" – is inspired by the discoveries of his countryman F.M.Alexander (you can read more about him both on Peter's site www.thewholeguitarist.com and on mine: www.rezamusic.com

Illustrations and pictures of dancing - moving - obviously-having-fun friends help the reader better understand the challenging concepts of good use of the self as they pertain to the guitar.

A profound, recurring moto demonstrates Peter's mindset and approach to teaching: "Don't try and slavishly emulate the hand and finger positions, Find your own flowing movements."

Keep up the good work Peter -- keep on creating -- we need more creators in this world which is full of destroyers.

Kind Regards
Reza Ganjavi
Recording Artist and Performer, www.rezamusic.com

Guitar Playing and how it Works by Peter Inglis
Guitar Playing and how it Works