This guitar guide was excellent for my students!

Chords, and how to change chords quickly is explored thoroughly in my book: Bach's Guitar: Master Chords and Unlock Your Right Hand

A review of "Bach's Guitar: Master chords and unlock your right hand" by Frank David on April 17, 2015

This guitar guide was excellent for my students!

"I have now personally hard tested this guide book with my guitar students here in Scandinavia. We have discussed how this guide is so very practical - and we all like like the intelligent approach of the Australian author, Peter Inglis, all the way to the smallest details - and in Bach's music small details are the place where God is.

This book has many of these shimmering details.

The musical scores are clear, we can see them rather far away on out iPads, also for older eyes. Personally I like the good quality of the interesting text, the very wise step by step explorations. Most we liked, however, the accuracy of the musical analyses - they are all very exact and correct - also the most comlicated modern jazz chords we to our positive surprise find in JS Bach's music.

This is perhaps the most well crafted and most rewarding guitar guide I have worked with for years. I warmly recommend it for all levels of guitar players."

Frank David is an architect and guitarist in Helsinki, Finland.