Baroque to Rock - What is it?

"Baroque to Rock" points to the common language of music which has been in use for the pat 400 years.

Music has an alphabet. Music has grammar. These elements do evolve, however slowly. You might say "But surely Rock music is a different beast to Mozart!". Well, only on the surface. The surface elements constitute what is called musical style.

Paul McCartney explains Baroque to Rock, with the assistance of Carlos Bonell.

My performances and books draw on this common language and express it through the many wonderful and varied styles of music that can be played on the guitar. These are exciting times, as the art of music making on this great instrument goes from strength to strength.

Finally, let Paul McCartney, a well known Rock musician, explain the connection between Beatles and Baroque. (Click on the video below)

This video is from Carlos Bonell's great site: Queen Guitar Rhapsodies