Soundpost by Ian Cooper, reviewed by Dick Hughes

Soundpost by Ian Cooper
Soundpost by Ian Cooper

"The local Larrikin label is certainly playing a part in promoting Australian talent. Hardly a month goes by without a new CD from them in this category - and more power to them.

One of the latest reminds us that the violin has not gone out of fashion. Stephane Grapelli and Jean Luc Ponty have been keeping the public aware of jazz violin for many years, and there's our own Don Harper and George Washingmachine as well. Now newcomer Ian Cooper appears on the local scene with his first release.

Sensibly the backing unit has chosen to complement and not overpower Cooper and he benefits from Craig Scott and Chris Qua on basses, Gordon Rytmeister on drums and four guitarists (not on each track), including Ike Isaacs and producer Peter Inglis.

Peter Inglis and Ike Isaacs in the recording studio
Peter Inglis and Ike Isaacs in the recording studio

The program has also been carefully chosen. Some of the songs will be familiar in other violin settings ('Djangology', 'Daphne', 'Sweet Georgia Brown' etc.) but this is the first time I've heard Charlie Parker's 'Billie's Bounce' played by the instrument, and well too!

Bonfa's 'Black Orpheus' gets a warm treatment and there's a very good setting of 'Summertime' with just Cooper and Isaacs to close off the record.

I know little of Cooper's background apart from the usual 'classical music trained'. He is obviously young, and I imagine there could be quite a bit of work for him in the plush lounges of our leading hostelries. I hope so, because if he makes it on the music circuit his knowledge and interests will broaden and and his future albums should see him take on more challenging music and musicians.

Dick Hughes

Dick Hughes 1993 review of Soundpost by Ian Cooper - Review - All that Jazz

Note: I produced and performed on this recording, which helped launch Ian Cooper's international career. web: