Guitar & strings: Spanish Romance

This tune was made famous in the 1950's film "Jeux Interdits" (Forbidden Pleasures) where it was performed on the soundtrack by the Spanish Guitarist Narciso Yepes. I begin with my solo guitar arrangement, then the video segues into my arrangement for guitar and strings (Violin and Cello).

Body and Soul in concert

My solo guitar performance of "Body and Soul", from a May 2014 concert in Kunnunurra in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Body and Soul' is a famous ballad which has been part of the jazz repertoire for over 50 years. I play it here on a classical guitar, fingerstyle.

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Video by Vicky Biorac -

Soundpost by Ian Cooper, reviewed by Dick Hughes

Soundpost by Ian Cooper
Soundpost by Ian Cooper

"The local Larrikin label is certainly playing a part in promoting Australian talent. Hardly a month goes by without a new CD from them in this category - and more power to them.

One of the latest reminds us that the violin has not gone out of fashion. Stephane Grapelli and Jean Luc Ponty have been keeping the public aware of jazz violin for many years, and there's our own Don Harper and George Washingmachine as well. Now newcomer Ian Cooper appears on the local scene with his first release.

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Recording with Ike Isaacs

A gentleman and a scholar, Ike Isaacs had a career in music spanning over 5 decades. I was lucky enough to record with him in 1992, only a few years before his death. The occasion was the recording of Ian Coopers' debut album Soundpost, an album of swing by this classical violin virtuoso.

Peter Inglis and Ike Isaacs in the recording studio.
Peter Inglis and Ike Isaacs in the recording studio.

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Listening guide to 'Soundpost' by Producer, Peter Inglis

Ike Isaacs and Peter Inglis recording Ian Cooper's debut album "Soundpost"

Listen to the tracks and follow the descriptions to get an idea of how jazz ensemble improvisations are typically structured.

Black Orpheus

  • 00:00 Violin plays the intro phrase unaccompanied.
  • 00:24 Willy Qua on Acoustic bass sets up a monster bossa groove under the sustained violin notes.
  • 00:32 Guitars enter sparingly. The violin holds a beautiful sustained note which transforms into a harmonic and evaporates into the ether.
  • 00:38 Violin plays the head (melody).
  • 01:32 Violin solos.
  • 02:24 Peter solos
  • 03:14 Ike Isaacs solos
  • 04:07 Violin plays melody sparingly
  • 04:57 Violin plays melody again with different embellishments.
  • 05:47 Outro with short violin cadenzas
  • 06:10 Violin cadenza
  • 06:23 final chord.

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