Tweak your Masterwork

Refine and polish your Masterwork painting with expert guidance.

In 4 hours we can produce a pretty good masterwork at Inglis Academy, but sometimes you want to add a few more stalks of grass, or soften those clouds a little more.

Monet, Meadow with Poplars - student paintings at Inglis Academy

Artists call this "tweaking" and it's part of the daily routine for professionals. With the passage of time, and with more experience, it is normal to suddenly see where one of your paintings will benefit immensely from a few subtle tweaks.

Tweaking a Monet cloud at Inglis Academy, Shop 7, 7-11 Clarke St Crows Nest

Some tweaks are big... more in line with a "makeover" where for example you might use a wash to change the tone and hue of an entire sky, for example.

You can use credits from the 16 hours of Art package for this session..