All materials are included in the lesson fee.

You will be provided with:

  1. Canvas
  2. Paints
  3. Complimentary tea, coffee, filtered water

You will have use of:

  1. Aprons - please note that you will probably get some paint on your clothes
  2. Brushes and palette knives
  3. Palettes
  4. A notebook and pencil - you are encouraged to take your own notes

Beginners completed this Monet in one session at Inglis Academy.

Palm Beach from Bible Garden

There is a very small park (only 3 parking spaces!) on the headland eat the south end of Palm Beach.

It is a cared for by a Christian group and is a fantastic place to have lunch and enjoy this view of Palm Beach, the lighthouse and headland, Lion Island and the Central Coast beyond.

Palm Beach from BibleGarden

Aussie bush cabin

Aussie bush Cabin © 2017 by Peter Inglis. A typical Australian bush cabin.

A typical Australian bush cabin, modelled after the one on display in Fagan Park, Galston.