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Are you a time-poor professional who would really like to find the time to paint?

Beginners with their Van Gogh, painted in just one session at Inglis Academy Beginners with their Monet, painted in just one session at Inglis Academy
Van Gogh and Monet, painted in one session at Inglis Academy.

I have developed the world's most accelerated art education method to help you become the painter you want to be.

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Here is how it works:

  1. Interest: Check your interest and curiosity level.
  2. Audition: Paint a Van Gogh or Monet under my supervision.
  3. Assessment:
    During your first session I will assess your:
    1. Curiosity about Art.
    2. Problem solving skills.
    3. Ability to learn.
    4. Ability to work in a group.
  4. Entry: If accepted, you have the opportunity to join a select group of art enthusiasts in our Gallery Quality Painting program.

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