Painting Syllabus

A brief overview of the atelier style art coaching at Inglis Academy.

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Never painted before? Haven't painted since school?

We run an exclusive program, 'Monet & Friends' where you get to explore the French Impressionists by actually completing one of their paintings each session!

Grade Entry requirements Repertoire Skills learned
Your Audition Curiousity.

This is your audition for the course.

If you are judged as suitable for our boutique coaching sessions you will receive an invitation via email.
Complete the iconic Monet: Poppy field near Argenteuil, 1873 in just 5 hours. Don't worry, I've done this before... a lot! You'll be fine. 4 step painting process.
Chevreul colour method.
Basic brush strokes.
'Monet & Friends' Attend the audition session and then receive an invite to join our 'Monet & Friends' programme. Develop your art skill and repertoire by completing one painting per session from our Syllabus.

Schedule yourself, pay for one lesson at a time, or a get a package.

There are enough great paintings in the syllabus that you can complete one per week for two years and never repeat yourself!

Paint Cezanne, Floral, Gauguin, Landscape, Manet, Monet, Portraits, Pop Art, Photo-Realism, Renoir, Still Life, Seascapes, Van Gogh, Waterlilies!
Impressionist process and style
Monet's brush techniques
Fan brush
Filbert Brush