'Monet & Friends'

Monet: Garden in Bloom at Sainte-Addresse, 1866  \\o// Paint this at Inglis Academy - www.inglisacademy.com.
Explore the wonderful world of Monet, his friends and their art legacy, as you finish an amazing painting each session.


Explore the wonderful world of Monet, his friends and their art legacy, as you finish an amazing painting in one relaxed afternoon. (12-5 p.m.)

Who it is for?

Whether you are a total beginner, an art student or already a practicing professional, seize the day and lift your game! No experience necessary!

Give your creative expression and painting skills a huge boost as you complete one of the masterworks.

Monet: Haystacks: Pedagogic material created by Peter Inglis for the Gallery Quality Painting sessions at Inglis Academy - www.inglisacademy.com
Learn a bit about the background and context of each painting you do.


  • Have a lot of fun!
  • Complete 1 painting each session.
  • Develop confidence in your creativity
  • Change the way you see and enjoy art
  • Bring the most beautiful artworks in history into your life


  • Complete a frameable masterpiece painting in each session!
  • A relaxing environment
  • Sharing your passion for art with lovely people
  • Small class size = Intensive and Personalised coaching.
  • Each session has a particular focus (perspective, glazing, brushwork, etc)
  • Use professional processes and methods.
  • Work in an artist's studio
  • Use professional materials (Derivan Artist Professional and Derivan Matisse paints and mediums).
  • Learn ALL the tricks of the trade. There are no trade secrets here!
  • Monet's Palate

Renoir: Bouquet of Roses, 1880.
Practical demonstrations are part of most sessions. This is a sketch painting of Renoir: Bouquet of Roses, 1880.

'Monet & Friends' course material | Vermeer: Girl with a Pearl Earring, 1665
I create teaching aids specific to each painting

Monet: Water Lilies, 1919, No.2 \\o// Paint this in just one session at Inglis Academy - www.inglisacademy.com.
I paint vignettes to demonstrate specific techniques. This example is an excerpt from Monet: Water Lilies 1919, no.2.


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Entry Requirements

  1. Complete an intro to 'Monet & Friends' session (regardless of you current skill level)
  2. Be assessed as suitable for the program
  3. Receive an invitation via email to join our 'Monet & Friends' program.

 'Monet & Friends' at Inglis Academy.
Our exclusive 'Monet & Friends' program gives you the opportunity to be expertly coached through a wide range of Western Art.

What will we learn

OK, you've painted a Monet under my supervision and received your invitation to join 'Monet & Friends'. You've already had experience with:

  1. My 4 step process
  2. Chevreaux Colour System
  3. Basic brush strokes

Learn the thinking and painting processes of the great artists as you develop your art skill and repertoire by completing one painting per session from our Syllabus.

You can choose your session from this great array of paintings, which is growing all the time.

There are enough great paintings in the syllabus that you can complete one per week for a year and never repeat yourself!

Now... we will take all of your new paintings to an new level!

Schedule yourself, pay for one lesson at a time, or a get a package.

Monet's Palate

Enjoy Monet's favourite food!. \\o// Excerpt from the painting coaching at Inglis Academy - www.inglisacademy.com
Treat your palate with French gastronomic delights as you are coached in the art of the Impressionist palette!

Read more: Monet's Palate

Student paintings

Monet: Low tide at Pourville, 1882 | Student paintings completed in one session at www.inglisacademy.com, Sydney, Australia
One 'Monet & Friends' session was all that was required to produce this stunning ensemble of shimmering Monet, which will light up any room they're hung in!

Student works in the 'Monet & Friends' program.   Student works in the 'Monet & Friends' program.
Student works from the 'Monet & Friends' program.

Monet: Haystacks: White Frost, sunrise, 1889 - student paintings completed in one lesson at Inglis Academy - www.inglisacademy.com
Another Dream Team who are having great fun in our 'Monet & Friends' sessions (L to R): Linda - Naomi - Cherry - Louise - Vendula.

Book a 'Monet & Friends' session

  • Buy a single lesson or a package (If you have been accepted into the course).
  • Book yourself into any of the 'Monet & Friends' sessions
  • Here is the current 'Monet & Friends' schedule, which is updated weekly.
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Get ready to produce paintings that will amaze your friends and family!