Drawing 101: How to sketch shapes

Drawing 101: How to sketch shapes (Inglis Academy) Drawing 101: How to sketch shapes (Inglis Academy) Drawing 101: How to sketch shapes (Inglis Academy)
With a bit of practice you should be able to do a sketch like this in less than a minute.

There are two methods: 1) using basic shapes (square, triangle and circle), 2) using polygons. Both methods are complementary. They can be used alone or together.

Drawing skills form your basic literacy in the language of visual art. They are the language equivalent of knowing your alphabet and knowing how to tell stories.

By developing our drawing skills we improve all our artistic activities, including painting.

Monet: Garden in Bloom at Sainte-Addresse, 1866
Good drawing is the basis of good painting. Here is my charcoal sketch in preparation for Cezanne's "Still life with Jug and Fruit, 1890".

When you can score a passing grade in our "Drawing 101" test, you are ready to take on further courses. Whether you master this material in a few hours, or over the course of some weeks, you will have a clear map of your abilities and be confident about taking on the more challenging levels of drawing, and enjoying them!

This course is suitable for:
Ages: High school | Adult
Skill levels: Beginner | Intermediate artists wishing to brush up on their basic skills.

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How to Sketch Shapes