Which painting should I do?

Is this the place for you?

Inglis Academy caters to people who are really curious about Art. You want to know how it works, where it comes from, and how to do it.

Previous training is not required.

Monet: Water Lilies with Weeping Willows, 1916

If you are interested in getting better at painting, and expanding your tastes and understanding of western painting then you are in the right place!, Read some of the lesson descriptions and read some Testimonials.

Cezanne: Still life with a jug and fruit, 1893

  1. Method - you learn the methods of the French Impressionist masters. We teach the impressionist process and colour system, and how to apply that to all styles of painting.
  2. Technique - I coach you in the physical techniques of great painting
  3. Repertoire - you add one painting per session to your repertoire (body of work). All the paintings we offer are all worth doing. The syllabus is built around Monet, Van Gogh, Cezanne, local landscapes painted in their style and other giants of the art world. All paintings in the syllabus have been carefully researched, curated and developed into a teaching plan.

Dee Why Beach and Long Reef, Sydney

Your other options

If you are only interested in completing one particular painting then please enquire at one of the many fine art schools in Sydney which are happy to teach you just your one favourite Monet and Van Gogh!

There are also several businesses in Sydney providing the option of "pub painting", where you do a painting in two hours in a very convivial atmosphere! By all accounts it is great fun!

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