Gallery Quality Painting

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Get ready to create paintings that will amaze you!

Monet: Haystacks: White Frost, sunrise, 1889 - student paintings completed in one lesson at Inglis Academy -
Another Dream Team who are having great fun in our Gallery Quality Painting stream (L to R): Linda - Naomi - Cherry - Louise - Vendula.

Complete a Gallery Quality Painting in each session as you learn the processes of the great artists.

Renoir: Bouquet of Roses, 1880.
Here I am demonstrating Renoir: Bouquet of Roses, 1880.

Entry Requirements

  • Complete a Beginner's session (regardless of skill level)
  • Be assessed as suitable
  • Receive an invitation email to Gallery Quality Painting
  • Book a session

Gallery quality
Gallery Quality paintings.

What will we learn

OK, you've painted a Van Gogh or Monet under my supervision. You know the drill now:

  1. My 4 step process
  2. Chevreaux Colour System
  3. Basic brush strokes

Now... we will take all of your new paintings to "gallery quality"!

Vermeer: Girl with a Pearl Earring, 1665
I create teaching aids specific to each session.
Tone | Original image | Colour analysis and matching reference.


  • Almost individual coaching with the benefit or a positive group environment
  • Each session has a particular focus (perspective, glazing, brushwork, etc)
  • High quality results
  • Boutique classes = Intensive and personalised coaching.
  • Develop your confidence as an artist
  • Use professional processes and methods.
  • Complete 1 painting per session.
  • Professional Studio Environment.
  • Use professional materials.
  • Learn ALL the tricks of the trade.
  • Develop a huge repertoire, quickly.

Student paintings

Monet: Low tide at Pourville, 1882 | Student paintings completed in one session at, Sydney, Australia
One Gallery Quality Painting session was all that was required to produce this stunning ensemble of shimmering Monets, which will light up any room they're hung in!

Student works in the Gallery Quality Painting course.   Student works in the Gallery Quality Painting course.
Student works from the GQP program.

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Here is the current Gallery Quality Painting schedule, which is updated weekly.

Get ready to produce paintings that will amaze your friends and family!