Monet: Boats at Argenteuil

Monet: Boats at Argenteuil.

I am happy to announce the publication of my 20th book: Monet: Boats at Argenteuil. This is Book 4 in my series: "Paint with Pete: Paint the Masterworks", designed for beginner painters to get their repertoire and skill set going in exciting directions!

How good a painter are you? This book will guide you through the process of painting Claude Monet's "Boats at Argenteuil". Your painting won't look exactly like this one. That doesn't matter! It will most likely look better. My method of teaching enables you to express your own taste and feelings about what is beautiful.

This is not a prescriptive method, but rather a series of processes which enable your self expression. Go for it! Have fun!

Go for it! Have fun!

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