Whitsunday Islands (ebook)

"Whitsunday Islands" is the 5th book in our Aussie Landscapes series.

Whitsunday Islands (Paint with Pete: Aussie Landscapes, Book 5)

This book will guide you through the process of painting an iconic Australian scene in the Whitsunday Islands, 900km north of Brisbane.

As a source image I am using a wonderful photograph taken by my friend Mark Schimmer. As well as being a great photographer, he is an intrepid explorer, and as seen more of my home country Australia than I probably ever will! Your painting won't look exactly like this one. That doesn't matter! It will most likely look better. My method of teaching enables you to express your own taste and feelings about what is beautiful.

This is not a prescriptive method, but rather a series of processes which enable your self expression. Go for it! Have fun!

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