Free Soiree - includes a Painting Demo & Meal

Still life - Coffee and Tart

About this session

  • Relax after work
  • Enjoy great food and company.
  • Make new friends.
  • Meet your fellow students.
  • Enjoy a live painting demo.

Lots of laughter and good company guaranteed!

We have some very - very - very interesting people in the Gallery Quality Painting stream now. Come along and meet your fellow art lovers!

This is a free event for students and guests, but bookings are essential.

Vermeer - Girl with the Pearl Earring
Enjoy a portrait painting demo. Sometimes I'll do a portrait from a live model. This is my sketch painting for Vermeer - Girl with the Pearl Earring.

In our GQP sessions I do demonstrate techniques and even paint small excerpts, but here is your opportunity to see me go from blank canvas to a finished painting.

crepe-myrtle-010 crepe-myrtle-010
Painting an artistic interpretation of a photograph.


  • Plenty of free parking right outside the building after 6 p.m.

Monet: Cabin at Sainte-Adresse, 1867
Painting a work from our syllabus.

Who can attend?

Included for your enjoyment is a delightful degustation.

  • Gourmet Pasta: Chorizo, roasted vegetables,basil and napoli sauce.
  • Asian Beef Salad
  • Gourmet Cheese & Crackers
  • Cheeses and crackers
  • Chocolate treats
  • Tea: A range of delightful and delicate teas
  • Coffee
  • Mineral Water
  • Alcohol: BYO

Pete talks Art.

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Sketch Creatively!

Entry Requirements

About this session

Are you a detail oriented perfectionist? Yes, you know you are, and this is the perfect session for you to develop your spontaneity and creativity.

In these fun sessions we produce many pages of art, in a change of pace from our usual session where we focus on one scene all afternoon.

Creative sketching
What do you see first? A lion? A Zebra?

Each time you take this session you'll produce many pages of different content.

Creative sketching
We started this sketch again with a zebra, breaking it down to a triangle and a rectangle. Then we added scenery and elephants, all referenced to pictures one of my students took in Africa. So we end up with a montage that suggests something of the animal life and scenery in Africa. Nice!

As well as the more "finished" sketches we will do very fast work in order to develop specific skills.

Creative sketching
Five super-fast sketches of a pear. Here we are practicing: movement, iterative learning, imagination.

Creative sketching
To scribble means to create one continuous line as quickly as possible. This is a great strategy to get you in "Right - Brain - Mode", where your non-verbal thinking takes place.

What will we learn in this session?

  • Abstraction
  • Automatic Drawing
  • Circles
  • Composition
  • Counterpoint
  • Cross Hatching
  • Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
  • Flow State
  • Focal Point
  • Hard and soft edges
  • Iterative Learning
  • Language of Line
  • Lettering
  • Loose versus tight
  • Overhand Grip
  • Rhythm
  • Scribble
  • Sketching shape quickly and accurately
  • Smudging
  • Spirals
  • Squares
  • Straight lines
  • Tonal Design
  • Tonal Sketching
  • Tone
  • Triangles
  • Underhand Grip
  • Van Gogh's Language of Line
  • Vignettes
  • Wavy lines

We will use all the tricks of the trade to make your sketches into a page that's really nice to look at.

This session is a prerequisite for the Paint Creatively! sessions.

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Compose Great Floral Paintings

About this painting

Learn Floral painting at Inglis Academy - Learn Floral painting at Inglis Academy -

Every lesson in this series, we paint a different floral from a still life setup in the studio.

We get Inspiration from the Information in the setup. We are not aiming for imitation, but rather for an artistic interpretation.

Learn Floral painting at Inglis Academy - Learn Floral painting at Inglis Academy -

By recording how we respond to the:

  • Beauty
  • Elegance
  • Form
  • Colours

... of the humble flower we create something that inspires a sense of wonder in ourselves and in anyone who looks at our painting with an open heart.

Learn Floral painting at Inglis Academy - Learn Floral painting at Inglis Academy -

What will we learn in this painting?

  • Colour mixing
  • Composition
  • Filbert brush
  • Floral Painting
  • Focal Point
  • Hard and soft edges
  • Impasto
  • Impressionist style
  • Pallete knife

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