Portrait Drawing 101

In this one session we will do a crash course in portrait sketching and drawing.

We learn to capture the positions of the facial features in in a few simple marks. This takes seconds, with a little practice.
Portrait sketching course at Inglis Academy, Crows Nest

Then we add tone and texture if we want to develop that sketch into a drawing. (Note: this is not the same face shown in the first example!)
Portrait sketching course at Inglis Academy, Crows Nest

You might be surprised to hear that human face is not inherently more complex than other objects. The real difficulty in drawing and painting it lies in our brain, which contains incredibly powerful "facial recognition software". This class will help you get past the stumbling blocks and get real enjoyment out of portraits.

We will draw studies which concentrate on a certain aspect of a face.
Portrait sketching course
We will look at proportions, the basic shapes, the areas of dark and light (chiarascuro), and specific features such as the eye, nose or mouth.

We explore the benefits of using different qualities of line from very loose with a lot of circular movement to shorter and straighter lines.

Entry requirements: Sketching 101

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