Sketch 101: Engrave your memories

Sketching a circle
Get all your drawing basics going in just one session!

About this session

Learn how to engrave your memories on paper! Enjoy your holidays, your commute, your home and all of glorious Sydney by the process of observation and recording!

Creative sketching
All of this from the 3 Cezanne shapes: Triangle, Circle, Square as described in my book How to Sketch Shapes.

In this session we will do a crash course in sketching by working through all the material in two of my books: "How to Sketch Shapes" and "How to Sketch Form".

N.B. No painting in this session.

We will have a short break at 1pm, 2pm and 3pm. You'll need it!

What will we learn in this session?

  • Cezanne sketching
  • Michelangelo sketching
  • Sketch any shape in 60 seconds
  • Sketch shapes quickly and accurately (all in the ebook How to Sketch Shapes)
  • Use TONE to turn SHAPES into FORM (from the ebook How to sketch Form)

Cezanne sketching - image © 2014 Peter Inglis - Michelangelo sketching - image © 2014 Peter Inglis -
Cezanne sketching | Michelangelo sketching

Quick sketches
Quick sketches

Quick sketches

Quick sketches

Shape to Form

Sketching a circle Sketching a circle
Sketching a circle | Turning that into a sphere...

Sketching a circle
Turning all that into a cat!


Bring to the session:

  • A-4 sketch book (also sold as a Visual Diary)
  • 2H pencil (note: I have pencils at the session, but you really want to have your own at home)
  • 2B pencil
  • 6B pencil


We will be working through these two books:

How to Sketch Shapes

How to sketch Form.
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About the ebooks

How sketching preserves memories - Watch at YouTube

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