Gauguin: Two Tahitian Women (excerpt)

Gauguin, Two Tahitian Women (excerpt) designed by Peter Inglis.
Bring a piece of art history into your home as you paint the tropical sensuality of Tahiti in this iconic portrait by Paul Gauguin.

Gauguin's Tahiti series brought the warmth and uninhibited sensuality of the tropics into the drawing rooms of France. It was considered quite shocking at the time.

Capture her wistful expression as she offers up a plate of sliced mango fruit.

Gauguin: Two Tahitian Women, 1899.
Stage 2: Blocked in (from Tone - Blocking - Texture - Detail)

Gauguin: Two Tahitian Women, 1899.
The glorious tropical palette of colours

Gauguin: Two Tahitian Women, 1899.
Gauguin, Two Tahitian Women, 1899
94 cm x 72 cm

To devise this lesson plan I worked from the original and:

  • Analysed the colours
  • Worked out how to mix them using the Chevreaux Colour System
  • Analysed the composition
  • Painted several versions
  • Assessed what was going to be feasible and enjoyable for students to paint, and how long it would take.

Gauguin: Two Tahitian Women, 1899.
Workshopping Gauguin

What will we learn in this painting?

  • Impressionist style
  • Portrait painting
  • Hands

Paint this!