Klimt: The Kiss, 1908

"The Kiss" is one of the most reproduced paintings of modern times. In it, Klimt combines abstract symbols on a two dimensional plane with his mastery of traditional portraiture.

The effect is lavish and quintessentially romantic.

The original version of "The Kiss" is 1.8 x 1.8 metres. In this smaller excerpt I have focused on the lovers.

Key to it's appeal lies is the artful combination of portraiture with decorative design and the use of gold leaf.

Note that this version uses faux gold leaf, you can commission the piece with real gold, and in any size.

Klimt: The Kiss, 1908
Gustav Klimt (1862-1918)
"The Kiss" 1907-08. 180 x 180 cm
Style: Vienna secession, Art Nouveau, Symbolist

According to google this is the third most popular painting in the world!

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How to sketch a sphere

a sphere, sketched by hand, as shown in "How to Sketch Form" by Peter Inglis a sphere, sketched by hand, as shown in "How to Sketch Form" by Peter Inglis
The images are from the 3 minute video "How to sketch a sphere".

This is a real-time video. I don't really see the point of time-lapse art videos, except for the 'wow factor'. At Inglis Academy we're not trying to 'wow' people, but rather to show them that all these techniques are easy and quick with the right instruction.

The video illustrates a process from our course textbook: "How to Sketch Form" This course will teach you how create three-dimensional forms on a two-dimensional surface such as paper or canvas.What we will discover is that that brain processes patterns of dark and light to convey information about form.


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Your painting repertoire

How good a painter are you?

Most people will answer:

  • "I've never painted."
  • "I'm just a beginner."
  • "I'm an amateur painter."
  • "I'm just average, I guess!"
  • "I only do abstracts"

Now what if your answer was:

  • "I paint Monet"
  • "... and Van Gogh,"
  • "... plus some Gauguin,"
  • "... and a couple by Vermeer."

How would that affect your self-perception of your painting skill level?

This may seem like a radical way to approach painting, but actually it is the exact way that millions of people learn to play music, every day, all round the world. They learn repertoire.

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