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    Monet: Japanese Bridge No.2, 1899
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Can I use my voucher after the expiry date?


This type of discount offer is time-sensitive. It is the reponsibility of the purchaser to redeem the offer before the expiry date.

When are the sessions?

The sessions run 12-4 Saturday and Sunday, and some Wednesdays.
All sessions by date.

Accurate colours

In each lesson we use colour charts I have created, showing the main colours in the scene.

Colour analysis of a painting © Peter Inglis 2018 - www.inglisacademy.com
Colour analysis of our Dee Why paintings.
© Peter Inglis 2018

In nature there is potentially an infinite range of subtle colours and tones. Of course we can't mix "infinite"... or we'd take forever!

So what I have done is analyse the most important colours in the scene. Then we can blend using brush stroke techniques and glazes to create as many gradations of colour and tone as we feel the painting needs.

Look at the foam at the bottom left of the scene.

We know foam is white?
It turns out that particular foam is actually a light blue!

Even in the foam on the main wave there is very little white, we actually find a lot of warm tones reflecting the sunset.

Chevreaux Colour wheel - © Peter Inglis 2018 - www.inglisacademy.com
Remember that each colour is found in one particular place on our Chevreaux Colour Wheel.