Your painting repertoire

How good a painter are you?

Most people will answer:

  • "I've never painted."
  • "I'm just a beginner."
  • "I'm an amateur painter."
  • "I'm just average, I guess!"
  • "I only do abstracts"

Now what if your answer was:

  • "I paint Monet"
  • "... and Van Gogh,"
  • "... plus some Gauguin,"
  • "... and a couple by Vermeer."

How would that affect your self-perception of your painting skill level?

This may seem like a radical way to approach painting, but actually it is the exact way that millions of people learn to play music, every day, all round the world. They learn repertoire.

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A typical painting masterclass at Inglis Academy

What happens in a "Paint a Masterwork" art lesson at Inglis Academy on Sydney's lower North Shore?

The masterclass lesson format at Inglis Academy involves painting masterpieces by the likes of Monet, Cezanne and Van Gogh.

I developed "repertoire based painting" based on the way we in the west have traditionally learned music, by performing classics by the likes of Bach, Vivaldi and Mozart. It is also the way you probably learned language in school, by studying literature.

What is the advantage of repertoire based painting? You are working towards:

  1. A definite goal
  2. A goal (the masterwork) which is widely recognised as being of worth
  3. Within a limited time frame (typically 4 hours)

Read on to see how we pull all this together in one session!

Read more: A typical painting masterclass at Inglis Academy

Palm Beach from West Head

Palm Beach from West Head
An original Australian Landscape by Peter Inglis.

Develop your seascape painting with the iconic Barrenjoey Head at Palm Beach.

Palm Beach from West Head

Palm Beach from West Head

What will we learn in this painting?

  • Tone
  • Blocking
  • Texture
  • Detail
  • Painting from a photograph
  • Water
  • Atmospheric perspective

Palm Beach from West Head, Sydney,
Get the book from and This is Book 2 in my series: "Inglis Academy: Aussie Landscapes".

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