On the road back

Firstly, I hope you have all been well, surviving, and finding ways to cope well with these strange times.

Perhaps, like myself, you've been using some of this 'down time' to reconnect with what is really important in your life. I look forward to hearing your tales.

As you will have noticed, I decided not to go with the online video tutorial route, nor even the online coaching. There is already a plethora of online art content, and I strongly recommend anything by RIchard Robinson of New Zealand.

I have taken this down time to to a M A J O R redesign of the course materials, format and content, so watch this space for the next couple of weeks.

Here are some tiny hints of what you have to look forward to:

  • Higher quality paint
    We will be using Derivan Artist series, up a grade from the Derivan Student: Our Colours
  • Even higher quality paint
    We will also be using Derivan Matisse Structure series, which is about the finest paint in the world! This will go on in the final texture and detail stage. BTW some of this paint runs to $571.00 per litre... compared to the $36.00 a litre Derivan Student we have been using quite successfully.
  • Inglis Academy Paint Kits
    Basic palette and Advanced Palette
  • Higher quality canvas
    Italian cotton, Belgian linen, New Zealand pine.
  • Larger sized canvas
    The standard size for people in the course will be 450 x 600 x 38 mm, up from 350 x 450 x 18mm. (Note that folks already booked in for an audition will still be using the smaller size, with an option to upgrade at the session).
  • A longer session
    Running 12-5 rather than 12-4. So you can relax a little more and add more detail.
  • French cuisine
    Yes, in the spirit of "Monet and Friends", we will sample some of Monet's favourite cuisine. Monet was quite the gastronome, don't you know?
  • A mandatory afternoon tea break
    Yes, I know some of you love to soldier on, (you know who you are!) But I am introducing a minimum 15 minute break at around 2 p.m. By that time the hardest work will have been done (analyses, sketching, blocking) and we will have just glazed the piece, so this also allows it to dry properly.
  • Higher quality brushes
    From Germany and other countries. I am looking for manufacturers with a long tradition of brush making. Iit takes a lot of time to source and test all this stuff... but it's also fun!
  • Inglis Academy Brush Kits
  • New pricing structure
    This will be finalised and announced once I have all my costs fixed. Existing bookings and packages will be honoured at no extra cost, as I stated a couple of months back (it seems longer!)

In the coming weeks I'll be posting more details about each of these features, so watch this space and see you soon!