Cecile Raynor on Movement, Music and Art

Cecile Raynor describes the relationship of music and art with these beautiful words:

  • "The inner movement of emotions showing in the artwork"
  • "Movement in space of the artist merging with his canvas and environment in a sweet dance!"
  • "Movements of shapes and colors singing a symphony or gentle sonata"

Original art by Cecile Raynor - Art and Movement

Cecile Raynor lives in Brookline (Boston, USA) where she has been working for about 20 years as an Alexander Technique teacher and Artist. She has been drawing and painting all her life. Cecile finds that her various fields of interests and professional skills have had a tendency to merge with each other in a very interesting way, giving her artwork a special dimension connected to her teaching about movement and stillness.

Through that practice, she also teaches meditation, nutrition, safe exercising and encourages people to explore alternative ways to healing. Her meditative CD, "Active Resting", with acoustic guitar improvisation in the background, helps people improve their postural balance and regenerate their back.

Cecile Raynor - Art and Movement

Website: http://studiocecile.com