Peter Inglis - Creating Music and Art in Kununurra

Peter Inglis – Creating Music and Art in Kununurra, Western Australia.

From an article in the Kimberly Echo, May 2014.

Renowned Classical Guitarist Peter Inglis believes anybody can play music, and play it well. He shares his knowledge in his new book "Guitar Playing and how it Works".

"Once you have the right information you just need to add patience and persistence".

The master of guitar performs this Friday the 16th of May at the Zebra Rock Gallery and Café with his show titled "Baroque to Rock". Peter is a performer of jazz and classical guitar, and a leader of Chamber music ensembles. He is a featured performer at the Art Gallery of NSW and the Sydney Opera House. "Baroque to Rock" is a compilation of pieces ranging from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to favourite Spanish pieces and including ten all time favourite Jazz tunes, played in Classical Style.

Pete quickly said yes to coming up to Kununurra when his friend Bruce Livett, Owner of Zebra Rock Gallery and Café, called him with an invite he couldn’t refuse.

"Bruce and I share a love for music and that was the basis of the connection. This will in fact be my first trip to W.A.! Google shows me that the Ord River region has startling colours and shapes, which I am really looking forward to seeing in person."

Pete is also going to teaching how to get a handle on art in his workshops ‘Paint with Pete’. If you are creatively minded or even if you can’t draw a straight line, book your seat for this Thursday the 15th to "Paint an Aussie Landscape".

"During the art lessons we listen to music and I point out the techniques such as counterpoint, which are used in both. Also, listening to certain types of music, actively makes you smarter".

You don’t need any experience for Pete to have you producing beautiful art by the end of his 3hr workshop whilst listening to the masters of classical music. Pete says that music and art share a lot of elements such as line, colour, form, contrast, composition and counterpoint.

"I get a great kick out of seeing people’s excitement at their own creative efforts. Unlike playing a musical instrument, painting can give you a sense of mastery and confidence very quickly. You can create an enriching visual diary of your experience of the world around you. The greatest reward for me is seeing the light go on in people’s eyes when they start to grasp that painting and music are languages that they can learn, and then use to express themselves."

Peter Inglis' painting workshops held in May 2014, Kunnunurra, Western Australia.

Pete was an established musician and had already written several ‘how to’ books on music when he discovered the "Keys to Art" via the work of Bob Ross – an American painter and art instructor. Ross was best known as the creator and host of the TV program The Joy of Painting, which aired on the Public Broadcasting Station in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

" What amazed me about Bob Ross was that he could complete an elaborate and beautiful landscape in about 25 minutes, whilst talking to the camera!

Being a music performer I could see what great control he had over his craft. But more importantly, I had no idea that painting could be such a quick activity. Back in high school I had, like many people I suspect, a pretty dismal experience with art. The subject fascinated me, but I wasn’t shown any pathway to mastery.

I couldn’t even draw a straight line!"

Buy your tickets for this Friday night’s concert, Peter Inglis "Baroque to Rock" at the Kununurra Visitors Center or call Zebra Rock Gallery to book a place (08) 9168 1114. YOu can also book online at

There are only three places left at the Paint with Pete workshop on the 15th of May. The other workshops have sold out, so be quick to book your place for this final workshop by calling Zebra Rock Gallery or calling in to the Kununurra Visitors Centre.

You can see many of Pete’s students’ paintings on Pete’s website