Australian Premiere of 'The Peacemakers'

The Australian Premiere of "The Peacemakers" by Karl Jenkins will be performed at Macquarie Uni Auditorium next Sun Nov 2nd 2:30pm.

This is a wonderful piece full of engaging melodies and colourful orchestrations. As well as strings, wind and keyboard, the ensemble features some 'world music' colours with the Shakuhachi, Tin Whistle, Soprano Sax and Tablas. And guitar!

We had a great dress rehearsal on Sunday, with a fine 20 piece orchestra, under the baton of Sara Penicka-Smith and the 70-strong Macquarie Singers.

My Gerard Gilet concert classical guitar My Gerard Gilet concert classical guitar

I will be playing my Gerard Gilet concert classical. This is the first time I've had the opportunity to hear it in an orchestral setting. The guitar part by Jenkins was conceived as a fretless bass part which he transposes quite literally to the guitar. With the permission and oversight of the conductor Sara Penicka-Smith I took the liberty of adding more voices to some of the parts.

But what surprised me in rehearsal was how well the bottom three strings on this guitar sing melodically. The Gilet gives me awesome control of vibrato range and speed plus tone colour, and allows the guitar to blend in really well with the ensemble, speaking out when required.

So, be there or be square!

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