Malcolm Arnold: Symphony No. 5

Malcolm Arnold symphony No.5
Symphony No. 5, Op. 74

Tempestuoso 10:32
Andante con moto 10:54
Con fuoco 05:07
Risoluto 06:03

"... scherzo, marked Con fuoco, is one such as only Arnold could have carried off. The nagging opening gesture prefaces a series of nonchalant motifs over a walking bass-line, merging into an aggressive fugato texture, and falling away just as quickly.

The trio is a telling incorporation of 1950s pop music into the symphonic argument, given substance by the constantly changing rhythm and instrumentation. The scherzo resumes its wayward course, only to be interrupted by a raucous brass outburst, driving the movement to a hectic conclusion.

...a brilliantly successful study in aspiration and failure. (From the sleeve notes by Piers Burton-Page).

Malcolm Arnold, the ground breaking British composer.
Malcolm Arnold, the ground breaking British composer.