Paul Hart Guitar Concerto

My interest in John Williams as a guitarist peaked considerably when I was given his recording with Paul Hart and the National Youth Jazz Orchestra.

John Williams plays the Paul Hart Concerto with the National Youth Jazz Orchestra.

The work is in the Jazz-Latin-Fusion genre popularised in the 1980's by Chick Corea.

What amazed me about Williams' performance here was his rendering of the style. He doesn't just get the notes... he nails them. Playing with a drummer in this style of music requires a very specific kind of rhythmic placement and Williams has it.

And despite his protestations to the contrary he even seems to be improvising in a fiery country / bluegrass exchange with fiddle.

Williams has always championed the versatility of Guitar as one of it's main strengths. He says rightly that it can be found in most styles of music and that its repertoire is in fact one of the largest of all instruments once you look beyond the classical repertoire.