Review: In Friendship by Reza Ganjavi

In Friendship by Reza Ganjavi is a guitar album s characterised by a gorgeous guitar sound and an uplifting aesthetic.
In Friendship by Reza Ganjavi

Reza Ganzavi's first album "In Friendship" is characterised by a gorgeous guitar sound and an uplifting aesthetic.

The first track is possibly the most requested guitar piece in the world! I know it is at my acoustic gigs... the famous "Romanza", also known as "Spanish Romance", "Spanish Folk Tune", "Romance" and, who knows how many other names?

This lovely performance stands on it's own two feet - but what surprises and delights is the set of variations which follows. The guitar plays the standard Romanza arrangement again but acts as accompaniment to viola, violin, flute, mandolin, cello, oboe and voice as they play 'songs' of varying sentiment. The set would also make a nice piece played all on say violin and guitar or flute and guitar.

This effort gave me a fresh window into one of the guitar standards!

Two other pieces grabbed my attention as the CD played - making me exclaim - "What the heck is that piece - I gotta play it!". One was "Serenata Espanola" - an arresting Spanish piece by Malats and the not-too-hard-but-very-sweet Sonata Op.15 by Giuliani.

p>These 2 pieces for me really show what a musical player Reza is. They are in quite different styles (Spanish and classical) but both are compelling and convincing with a real character and voice of their own.

Oh - and did I mention how good the guitar sounds? This CD will remain in my player for quite some time.

The beautifully produced 10 page colour booklet contains:

  • Reza's travels and studies
  • The guitar
  • The pieces and composers
  • Favourite thoughts on music
  • Credits and thanks

Reza Ganjavi is a versatile guitarist who currently lives in Switzerland.