John McLaughlin and the 'One Truth Band'. 1979

1979 - John McLaughlin and the 'One Truth Band' in concert - State Theatre, Sydney

This concert was a turning point in my life.

The experience - and it was an existential ' experience ' - showed me what I wanted to do in life. In some way - I didn't quite know how at the time - I wanted to recreate the experience that John McLaughlin had provided for us on that night.

it was a quasi- religious experience, although I knew it wasn't religion, but music, the power of music. I knew that John McLaughlin had embraced various Eastern philosophies but that wasn't the answer either.

It took many years before I felt I was getting close to articulating the processes by which this experience could be recreated. The answers lay in my own culture - in the performance practices of Western classical music and the schools of psychology that grew out of Abraham Maslow's Humanism.

Left to right - John McLaughlin - Greg Gillett (partially obscured) - Guy Le Claire - Peter Inglis - 1979

On that fateful night in 1979 we made our way backstage after the concert and were treated to a long conversation with John McLaughlin.

We asked the usual guitar questions about equipment, which he answered with patience and grace. He then treated us to anecdotes of all night jam sessions with Chick Corea and Stanley Clarke.

Backstage, talking to John McLaughlin in 1979.

The 'One Truth Band' consisted of:

  • Guitar - John McLaughlin
  • Violin - L. Shankar
  • Bass - Fernando Saunders
  • Keyboard - Stu Goldberg
  • Percussion - Alyrio Lima