North Sydney Notices: Artist Profile: Peter Inglis

North Sydney Notices is a new broadsheet based on Sydney's lower North Shore. It focuses on western culture and education. How refreshing!

North Sydney Notices Issue 02

The editor, Jordan Grantham, was kind enough to interview me about Inglis Academy and he produced a stunning two page feature article, in which I talk about the aims and goals of the Academy.

As a 12 year old I was abandoned amongst snakes and abandoned mine shafts near Hill End, about 4 hours west of Sydney. Using a piece of string and a knife I made a bow and arrow and went hunting. I managed to nail a lizard, but couldn't bring myself to eat it.

That was the way things were done in the Australian Boy Scouts in the 1970s. Learning by doing.

I now had a limited repertoire with the bow and arrow, which I haven't used since. But the confidence I gained in my ability to solve problems, I've used every day since then!

That brings me to the mission of the Inglis Academy in relation to Art and Music.

Over the past forty years I have studied > tested > rejected > modified > developed > tested again, and finally published processes and methods which get quick results in music and art.

By using consistent, logical and flexible methods we gradually develop the ability to solve any problem in the field. And we do this via the performance of repertoire, painting a masterwork, performing a musical masterwork.

It just so happens that you can paint a Monet about 100 times faster than you can play a Mozart. My students paint recognisable and charming Monet, Cezanne and Van Goghs in 3-4 hours. From scratch. With no previous art instruction.

It's not magic, it's method!

That's not to say that all art is accessible in a few hours. Not at all. At the Inglis Academy we won't teach a student life drawing or portraiture until they demonstrate a passing grade in the basics of sketching and drawing.

So besides a love of problem solving, what's with my lifetime obsession with the arts?

I began my professional journey in music playing rock, pop and country music. Then I developed an interest in jazz which led to me supporting Stephane Grapelli at the Sydney Opera House, recording with Stephane's guitarist Ike Isaacs, and forming an incredibly rewarding musical association with Ian Cooper, who wrote "Tin Symphony" for the Sydney 2000 Olympics and is one of the world's most respected violinists.

Lastly I worked my way back to Bach, Vivaldi and Mozart, and for many years have led my own String Quartets.

In my opinion Western Culture contains the most sophisticated and effective codes for understanding the human condition. Masters of psychology like Bach, Handel and Vivaldi worked out musical codes which still speak to us over 300 years later. Handel basically wrote the playbook for all the pop music we hear today. How many performances of Handel's "Messiah" take place around the world each year?

Monet's art is reproduced today more than that of any other, and in a delightful array of places, from chocolate boxes to umbrellas!

Studying the masterworks gives us a direct key into the treasure trove of western culture. It took me decades to find where the real treasure was buried, don't let it take you that long - paint your Monet today!