Get creative? - You are already are creative!

You already are creative. That's the first thing you need to know.

Come to an AUDITION session and I will - prove - it - to - you!

Having helped thousands of people to paint their own interpretations of the masterworks, I have yet to meet one person who is not creative.

I have certainly met plenty of folk who did lack knowledge of the basic techniques of painting. Heck, that's easy to fix.

Creativity is simply:

  1. Knowing what you are doing (e.g. how to hold a brush)
  2. Making little decisions (e.g. move a line this way or move a line that way)

Learning the language of line by painting Van Gogh.
Learning the language of line by painting Van Gogh's 'Starry Night'.

With a good plan of attack and some technical tips students at Inglis Academy are diving right into the worlds of Monet and the other masters. It's certainly much easier to paint than it is to learn the English or Chinese language, and all my students have already mastered at least one of those languages.

Use my proven methods and you will be telling stories in the language of art in your very first lesson. That's creativity in action and it's a wonderful, liberating feeling!

Beginner students with their first Van Gogh story!
Beginner students, first lesson, and their own creativity has been documented in a Van Gogh!